“In complexity and beauty, the brain can only be compared with the universe itself, with its trillion upon trillions of asteroids, planets, nebulas and galaxies, and mysterious dark matter.” (Yves Agid)



Like space travelers, the spectacular technological advances in our knowledge as to how the brain works, is allowing scientists to explore regions that until now have been out of reach. As basic research extends our understanding of what is going on in the brain, that efficiency needs to be increased through translational research, integrating not only the fields of molecular and cellular biology, neurophysiology, and cognitive science but also incorporating neuroethics in order to address issues of values.


The goal of the Neuroethics Network is to expand the dialogue by promoting interdisciplinary interactions. ICM, located on the campus of Hospital Pitié-Salpêtière where researchers, physicians, and patients are brought together under one roof, is an unprecedented meeting point to foster this critical multi-faceted approach.



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The Neuroethics Network is a project of the Neuroscience, Éthique et Société Association and hosted by ICM (Institut du Cerveau et de la Moëlle Épinière).




Yves Agid, MD, PhD, Funder & Scientific Director of the ICM Foundation

Thomasine Kushner, PhD, Co-Editor, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics




Thomasine Kushner

Email: kushnertk@gmail.com