Format and Themes 2020

The Neuroethics Network aims at creating a deeper understanding of newly emerging ethical issues in neuroscience.  The format centers on the Athenaeum seminars, named for the place in ancient Greece for open discussion, designed to offer maximum opportunity for in depth exploration of central controversies.


Seminar themes for 2020 include: The moral status of human brain orgonoids.  Ethical considerations in human-animal chimeric research. Ethical and social issues in the use of biomarkers in neurodegenerative disease.  Mental disorders, moral responsibility.  Forensic psychiatry and neurolaw.  These sessions consist of round-tale discussions with leaders in science and ethics lending their multiple perspectives along with Open Forum group participation.  In addition to the seminars there are scheduled laboratory meetings with ICM researchers to observe current projects.


Option: Charcot Certificate


The Charcot Certificate, named for Jean-Martin Charcot, father of modern neurology and professor and clinician at Salpêtrière Hospital, will be awarded to participants who complete the 23 seminar hours, and successfully complete the meeting review.