Columbia Global Centers

4 Rue de Chevreuse, 75006 Paris


Reid Hall

4 Rue Chevreuse, 6th arrondissement


Metro: Vavin


Telephone: 01-43-20-33-07



History of Reid Hall: The property was first used as a porcelain factory in the mid-eighteenth century. Later, it was purchased by the Dagoty brothers who expanded the porcelain production and their china became so popular that President James Monroe commissioned a service with an American eagle motif for use at official state dinners.

In 1834 it became the site of an educational institute that was attended by André Gide and described in his writings. At the outbreak of World War I, the property was converted into a hospital, and its classrooms were used to house wounded soldiers. After the war ended, the site remained in the hands of the American Red Cross until 1922.

In 1964, the property was bequeathed to Columbia University, and has since seen lectures by such notable French intellectuals as Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrida and Simone de Beauvoir.


Reid Hall is a pleasant walk for those staying in the Montparnasse area.  For  others arriving by Paris Metro, the Vavin station is a short distance to our location.  As you turn off blvd Montparnasse onto the Rue Chevreuse, the door to Reid Hall is located about half way down the street on the left.  Push open the door, enter the foyer and the receptionist at the desk on the left will direct you to our meeting room, the Grand Salon.