International Bioethics Retreat: Posters

Pre-recorded Posters Consist of Stylistic and Technical Instructions 

Timeline: Abstracts for posters should be submitted to Thomasine Kushner, (email: before November 15. Once Abstracts are approved, authors should proceed to follow the Stylistic and Technical instructions below

Stylistic Instructions

Author Information: At the top of your poster, please give the following information: Title of Poster, Your name, Institutional Affiliation, Address, Country, Email (optional)

Titles: Make titles short to summarize the message of your research.

Fonts: Use as large a font as possible and make sure fonts are embedded in your presentation.

Colors: Use just one or two in a plain colored background for maximum impact.

Typeface: Use a bolder, larger typeface for the main titles and headings. It can be effective to use a different typeface for headings and subheadings. To emphasize body text, use a bold or italic font.

Capital Letters: Avoid capital letters except at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns.

Underlining: Resist underlining anything

Bullet Points: Be judicious in the use of bullet points, perhaps reserving them for the conclusion.

Conclusion: Place the conclusion in a prominent place.

References: Do not use references unless necessary.


Technical Instructions

Posters should be created using PowerPoint 2007 or later (.pptx file). Based on the type of file, the export will differ (see below).

Posters: must consist of one single slide. Please make sure fonts are embedded. Turn your document into a JPG file format. 1920-pixel width and 1080-pixel height (full HD). The file must be clearly readable on your computer. Narration for Posters should not exceed 10 minutes and 200 MB.

VOICE OVER INSTRUCTIONS: Please see this link: 10-and-mac/

Please submit the finalized poster using the following link:

Submission due date: November 30th 2020.

For technical issues, please contact Gil Palchik, PhD (