International Bioethics Retreat: Program Format

Our foray into the virtual world proves Hemingway right. Our “Paris is a Moveable Feast” International Bioethics Retreat will be enjoyed from anywhere around the world and bring together more participants than ever before.  

The format for the four-day meeting has two components and introduces a new dynamic element.  Each of the four days encompasses a live streaming vigorous debate on a controversial topic. Topics include: The ethics of government subsidy of whole genome sequencing, legalization of payment for living organ donation, expanding eligibility criteria for euthanasia, and principles for distributing Covid-19 vaccines. Additionally, pre-recorded PowerPoint presentations and posters with audio addressing current research across the spectrum of bioethics topics are available for viewing any time.

For added fun, there will be a “Pub Quiz”, a special version of the trivia game created specifically for our group.

There’s room at the table for everyone at this moveable feast. We look forward to welcoming you.